Richard “Web” Whiting III was born to Richard Whiting II and Kimberly Chandler Whiting on┬áNovember 16th, 1995 in Mobile, AL. Often the only working member of his household of ten from age 15 onward, he graduated from WP Davidson High School in 2014, quickly attending the University of Arizona. Despite impeccable grades, personal circumstances forced him to come back home from, quickly picking up a penchant for struggle and hard work. After several years working multiple jobs, with rarely a day off for months at a time, he paid back over twenty two thousand dollars in student debt and start school again at the University of South Alabama. The experiences over the course of those years worked helped to open his eyes to just how broken the system was for even the most honest, earnest folks.

In his free time he enjoys reading, video games, writing, television, and political activism of all stripes. Perhaps most damningly, he really likes podcasts.