For years, the people of Alabama have been led astray.

We have been told that we must accept things as they are. That we must accept that seven Alabama counties will go on without a hospital. That we must accept that Alabama ranks near the bottom in education. That we must accept rising income inequality and stagnant wages. That we must accept the dismantling of worker rights and organized labor. And perhaps most offensively, that we must accept the children of Alabama being stripped of their healthcare.

Absolutely not.

In Alabama, we can protect the poor, the sick, the young, and the disadvantaged. We can stand up for workers. We can create a brighter future for all, and it begins with us, District 96.

There is another way. Show the politicians what Alabama can do when it gets to work. District 96, let’s send a real worker to Montgomery this November.

There is nothing the great state of Alabama and its people can’t do.